It's More Than Just a Hunt


Having been a guide and outfitter since the early age of 16, I have seen many many companies come and go.  Over this long career of 42 years, I have been sponsored by and utilized many companies products.  By the time I decided to do Primal Instinct, I had learned one valuable lesson from some of my other counterparts in the industry:  we are only as good as our reputation.  The ones who over the years who let their sponsors choose them were rarely successful.  There is a lot of companies out there, who have tremendous marketing capabilities who can create a lot of ‘sizzle’ of their products, some good and often a lot that fall short.

I have never represented or used a product that I did not truly believe in nor one that did not function as represented or failed to produce results.  Every sponsor that we have, we chose due to the quality of the products they produce, the function of those products, and the success they helped us achieve.

It would have been much easier to go out and solicit sponsorships which in the real world equates to money for many others, but if we did so, it would be difficult to represent those companies with a clean conscience.  Therefore, each of the sponsors listed below, in our opinion, produces a product that we are proud to use that is functional, dependable, and preforms exceptionally well in the field.  – Wilson B. Reynolds

If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor or Outfitter, please contact

Kryptek Apparel

Having been an outdoorsmen for nearly 60 years, I long ago realized the importance of blending into nature and the value of good camouflage. I remember back when my old friend, Jim Crumley designed Trebark, the first high tech camo pattern, and worked with the original folks of Apparition utilizing their Skyline pattern for our “popup blinds” out in Nebraska, and later with Realtree, in the development of their original advantage wetlands pattern and more recently have been a strong advocate of Mossy Oak’s patterns. If you look back throughout the 2011 season of Primal Instinct TV, you will see I was always wearing Mossy Oak treestand, which in my opinion is the only pattern developed by the major companies that blends well in both the Eastern and Western US.

I have found through years of experience in the field, both as a wildlife photographer and avid outdoorsmen, that most patterns that successfully function in the eastern hardwood forests tend to not work well in the cottonwood bottoms, canyonlands, quakes, and sage grasses of the American West. It has always been a struggle to find a pattern that worked well for me everywhere.

I have been wearing Mossy Oak patterns exclusively for over 15 years and thought I would never again wear any other pattern…..but, I just recently had the pleasure of meeting Greg Love from Kryptek and after getting to know the products, the pattern, the quality of construction, and the high tech fabrics, I have decided to abandon my exclusive use of Mossy Oak for their Mountain pattern.

Kryptek has truly impressed me with their ability to create military grade tactical apparel for the hunting industry that is function, durable, dependable, and at a great price that is unmatched for the quality of the product. Myself and the entire Primal Instinct team will be utilizing their products as we go afield to film our 2012 season.

Quigley Motor Company

More Than 35 Years of Making the Impassible Possible

Quigley Motor Company, located in Manchester PA, is the oldest, largest and most successful manufacturer of high quality four-wheel-drive conversions for full sized vans and “cut-aways” in the world. It has sold over 15,000 of its unique four-wheel drive systems for vans. Quigley also manufactures and installs right-hand drive conversion systems for full size vans.

In 2000, I began looking for a company that could provide me with a 4-wheel drive vehicle that I could use to travel the backwoods of the American West and the Trail of the Great Bear up the spine of the Rocky Mountains to the Northern Canadian National Parks.  I needed a vehicle with 4-wheel drive that would give me the flexibility to photograph, video, and film the animals of the North while being assured that I could safely go to the areas that would provide optimal opportunity.  After a lot of research, I decided to go with Quigley Motor Company and convert my 21 foot van/RV into a 4-wheel drive.  At that time, I never could have imagined that in the year 2012, the fine folks at Quigley Motor Company would be a part of Primal Instinct TV.  I have said before that my selection of sponsors for this tv endeavor is not predicated on who will pay us the largest endorsement, but is based on companies who provide superior products.  In the twelve years that I have used this vehicle,  the 4-wheel drive system has never let me down and has afforded me the opportunity to comfortably get into locations and film some of the most fantastic sights that North America holds.

Cutting Edge Bullets

After reviewing and testing several bullet manufactures for both accuracy and performance, the team at Primal Instinct has chosen Cutting Edge Bullets to be our partner and sponsor.  Their CNC projectiles have proven to be unbelievably accurate due to their unique design and their performance is second to none as has been demonstrated in some of our kill shots this season.  Particularly exemplified in Wilson’s kill of 190 inch whitetail as will be seen in episode 6.  Dan and his staff at Cutting Edge Bullets are truly dedicated to developing and producing some of the finest CNC turned projectiles on the market today.

Millennium Treestands

Millennium Stands have long been recognized as the most comfortable stands on the market. From Texas to Alberta and South Carolina to Idaho, outfitters and guides know the best way to increase your chances in seeing a trophy animal is to sit in a prime location from sun up until sun down. Millennium stands are engineered for that purpose – to be the most comfortable and quietest stands period. Every angle, hinge and weld has been tested under the most extreme conditions by the most cynical and scrutinizing hunters. Each Millennium is the best compromise of weight, quietness, strength, security and comfort for its intended use.

Blind Turtle

While I was attending the Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo, I had the pleasure of meeting the owner. I was thoroughly impressed with the integrity of this company. This hunting season has seen some of the most extreme weather conditions and thanks to Turtle Blinds, it allowed us to hunt longer due to their unsurpassed quality and durability.


Bog Gear makers of Bog-Pod

After meeting BOGgear’s owner, Kim, at the Shot Show this last winter, we agreed to test some of their products. I came to realize how big of an asset BOG-POD shooting sticks truly are! Their solid aluminum shooting rests are extremely versatile, rugged, and and light weight. With the full 360 degrees of rotation combined with quiet, smooth, and responsive leg adjustment, they are sure to make that critical shot count in any shooting situation.


Bowtech is truly the leader in the innovation of archery products. The integrity of the company can be found in their products and customer service, they really take the time to listen to what their customers have to say to bring about a better product.


Scott Archery



Gold Tip



Hooyman Extendible Tree Saw

We found ourselves in several situations this season in need of Hooyman’s extendable tree saw. The unique nesting design of the two pieces allow for our pro-staff to transport them with ease. The adjustable length and locking system is sturdy, adjustable, and safe. Most importantly, the high carbon steel blade with the four edge tooth drags a great bite.

Ram Cat Broadheads

Honestly, I was a little leery at first of a broadhead that cut in both directions. However, after witnessing the accuracy, penetration, and stealth-like deadliness I have found their hybrid fixed blade to be absolutely amazing! Ramcat’s 100-grain heads have fore-and-aft blade sharpening which allows its unique swiveling ability yielding it lethal even without pass-through.


Spy Point

The Primal Instinct team is excited to accept a new sponsorship from SpyPoint (GG Telecom).  One of the best kept secrets of the outdoor tv is the utilization of trail cameras that transmit images to your computer or cell phone in that it gives the host the ability to scout locations hundreds of miles away from the comforts of home or office.  Last season we benefited greatly from our utilization of the Smart Scouter system, however, we discovered that not only we, but their other customers as well, were having tremendous difficulty getting and staying connected.  We are very excited to find a company whose products are simpler to operate, have better connectivity, and much better performance than those of their predecessor.

While SpyPoint offers a variety of different camera types to fit your needs, we use their LIVE camera.  We can access pictures anywhere, anytime, remotely manage the configuration of the camera, and have a SECURED live camera.

Outdoor Edge

I have found that Outdoor Edge delivers a quality knife that surpasses all the rest. Their excellent steel holds an edge longer than anything else I have found. Outdoor Edge’s knives and processing kits are safe, fast, and most importantly reliable.



Rhino Ground Blinds

Rhino delivers one of the highest quality portable ground blinds I’ve seen. In this ever-changing industry, I’m pleased to see Rhino successfully expand into other avenues beyond ground blinds. As a videographer, I’m personally impressed with their new Lid Cam. It truly will revolutionize how you video yourself in the woods! Mounted under the bill of your hat, this camera grabs your audience and put them behind the crosshairs and into a first person perspective of your hunt!



Backwoods Performance Outfitters

Backwoods Performance Outfitters are the developers and manufacturers of Deer Desire attractants.  Wilson and the Primal Instinct team are excited to enter into a long term relationship with BPO and are ecstatic with the results they have seen from their use of the BPO product line.

In 1999, Backwoods Performance Outfitters, LLC was created in Danville, Kentucky as a result of Brian Wolford and his now partners not being satisfied with the attractant products that were on the market.  An an animal nutritionisst, flavoring specialist, and experienced hunters joined forces with the common goal of of producing the finest possible line of animal attractants.  Their goal was to attract, hold, and grow bigger deer.  BPO never planned on marketing their products commercially.  However, the products caught on and as more and more people became interested in using them, they began to sell them regionally through feed and sporting goods stores.  Now in 2012, BPO is expanding its distribution to larger sporting goods facilities, major feed cooperatives, and farm distribution stores as well as big box distributors.  For the first time, BPO has launched a nation wide advertising campaign.

BPO produces attractant products that can be used by not only the outfitter and professional hunter, but the 9 to 5 guy that has a small place to hunt but wants to be able to attract and hold the huntable deer population on their private lease or smaller farm.  The mission of BPO is to manufacture competitive edge products that perform quickly in the field.  Backwoods Performance Outfitters products are manufactured in Harrodsburg, KY.

Nikon Sport Optics

You could only expect Primal Instinct would choose Nikon’s Sport Optics system with Wilson’s years of loyalty to the brand. As an avid successful outdoor photographer utilizing Nikon’s cameras and lenses over a lifetime, Wilson has found that Nikon consistently stays above the competition in quality optics that contain maximized light transmission and sharp high resolution images.




Titanium Buzz

We are located in Linden,MI and have specialized in wedding rings made from the most durable materials out there for over 6 years now. Our love for rings started with our owner Kevin Begola who purchased a titanium wedding band for his own wedding and he really started to look into the possibilities of what was out there. Wanting to find the very best he developed a business that would bring customers the most unique and stylish wedding rings on the market. Titanium Buzz has expanded to include titanium, black zirconium, Damascus steel, carbon fiber, cobalt chrome and many other material choices. Titanium-Buzz was born out of finding and developing products that you cannot find in your local stores and at an affordable price. We strive to bring a great one-on-one customer buying experience where each ring is custom made to order just for you.

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