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Meet the Pro-Staff


As an avid outdoorsman, Wilson has spent the majority of his 58 years hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, photographing, and exploring the great outdoors.  For more than 40 years, he’s been fortunate enough to traverse the wild and remote places of North America, serving as both guide and outfitter.  For 26 years he has operated several outdoor resorts across the country.  His vast experience helped him hone a great knowledge of the creatures he pursues and the environments in which they live, as well as a true appreciation of nature’s delicate balance.

Appearing in his first outdoor television episode in 1977 as a champion duck and goose caller, he has since filmed and/or appeared in over 27 different shows ranging from NWTF’s Turkey Call Television, National Geographic Explorer, Bass Pro Shop Television, North to Alaska, Primos, and many others.  In addition he has produced, edited, and appeared in numerous print, video and television ads for many hunting, fishing and outdoors products.  To his credit, he has never endorsed a product or service he himself does not believe in or does not use in his own outdoor endeavors.

Over the years, Wilson has consulted to a variety of agencies and government officials.  Overlooking any partisan or special interest views, he has always attempted to present the facts as they are, regardless of who was asking the questions.  Having spent more time in the field than most do in a lifetime, he has been privileged to test and develop outdoor gear and products for numerous manufacturers.
Believing the outdoors has provided him with a life he is both blessed and privileged to live, Wilson gives back whenever possible.  He is a diamond life member of the National Wild Turkey Federation, a life member of the National Rifle Association, a life member of Buckmasters, a life member of the Foundation of North American Wild Sheep, a bronze life sponsor of Ducks Unlimited, a life member of the Federation of Fly Fisherman, and a life member of Trout Unlimited.  He is a major contributor to numerous other world, national, and local conservation organizations and donates hunts, charters, vacations, art, and time to these various causes.
Stewardship of the forests, marshlands and fields he owns and leases, is of the utmost importance.  He regularly enhances his properties for wildlife…that is all wildlife, not just the game species residing there.  Nest sites and structures and numerous food plots are added each year.

Wilson’s stock portfolio of over 165,000 wildlife images have graced many publications, calendars, and websites, as well as educational arenas, visitor centers, and schools.  Each year his photography classes taught throughout the country instruct aspiring and professional photographers alike in the most intricate methods of capturing nature and wildlife.  Additionally, by regularly speaking to schools and civic groups, he attempts to give a voice to proper and sound wildlife management, helping to protect the heritage of our outdoor sports.

Wilson has hunted and fished since childhood.  First small game in the woodlands of central Virginia where he grew up, then waterfowl, and later most of the big game species of North America including many giant whitetails, record book Big Horn Sheep in the Wind River range of Wyoming and Boone and Crockett black bear in Manitoba.  He himself has taken 27 bull elk, many of them with a bow. and has called numerous others for clients throughout the Western United States.

Whether it’s through a lens of a camera or a rifle  scope, he spends most of his life outdoors expanding his knowledge of the creatures he pursues.


Born on July 17, 1973 in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Scott’s father introduced him to the sport of hunting as a young child.  By the age of twelve, he had harvested his first whitetail and from then on he has been addicted!  He began to work in the archery business at the age of sixteen and opened his own pro shop at the age of twenty.  With his passion for the sport growing with age, he began hunting and guiding throughout the country.  This became a turning point in his life and the drive to harvest trophy class animals set in.  He loves the challenge of spotting a giant whitetail in the summer and attempting to harvest him in the fall.  There is no greater reward for Scott than watching a plan come together after all his hard work.  He has since harvested over one hundred whitetails in his lifetime, with his largest killed in Ohio scoring 187 inches.  He has six others that all score over 150” and plenty that fall into the 120”-150” class.  Most of the success was attributed to land leases across the Midwest that he shares with friends.  They work together as a team with the same goals to grow and harvest mature bucks and does by practicing quality deer management  food plots, trail camera monitoring and shed hunting fills the void in the off season.  Scott also enjoys hunting other big game, especially elk, with his biggest bull with a bow grossing over 365 inches.  Some of the other trophy class animals he has harvested include black bears, moose and turkey throughout all parts of North America, and a caribou grossing over 375” in Quebec.  This would not be possible without the support of his wife Susan and daughter Samantha that he misses when he is gone.  They are very encouraging  and understand that hunting is his passion!


April was born “Southern by the grace of God” and grew up in the small town of Hawkinsville, Georgia.  As a child, she enjoyed beauty pageants, ballet class, and cheerleading, but much to her mother’s astonishment, April’s real passion was for all things outdoors.  She never missed a chance to ride shotgun with her Dad to their favorite hunting spot and she insisted on baiting her own hook the many Sundays they spent fishing at her Grandpa’s pond.  Upon high school graduation, April was awarded several dance scholarships and decided to attend college at University of Maryland, College Park.  There, she was a cheerleader for the “Terps” which led to becoming a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader.  Her cheerleading career didn’t last long however, as she married a farmer from Mayland’s Eastern Shore.  Thrilled to trade in her city life and get back to her roots, she moved to Reid Farms in Vienna, Maryland where she still resides today.

April says the best thing about living on the farm is that she gets the chance to raise her four daughters in a country setting.  She is teaching them to work hard, value their education, help others, pray, and bait their own hooks.  Sadie, 13, Summer, 10, Shae Ann, 8, and Sy, 4 are all being raised to appreciate the outdoors.  April is known around her hometown as the Mom with all the little “blondies” in camo at her side everywhere she goes.

Though she loves to hunt and hasn’t missed an opening day of rifle season for 15 years, April was much more successful as a Mom and in her greenhouse business than she ever was at putting trophies on the wall.  That began to change when a few years ago her love for the hunting prompted her to co-found CAMOSPACE.COM, a social networking website similar to Facebook, but geared towards all things outdoors.

As Camospace grew in popularity, April was asked to appear as a guest on several hunting shows for tv, allowing her to learn more about the outdoors industry and further her growth as a hunteress.  Opportunity knocked once again when she met Wilson Reynolds and become co-host and understudy.

Wilson has taught her how to bow hunt, and improved her accuracy with firearms as well as dramatically increasing her overall knowledge of the sport.  (She has only taught him to carry beef jerky.)  She has recently gotten to steal away from her busy family life long enough to hunt in Montana, Kentucky, Florida and Georgia and looks forward to each hunt with tremendous enthusiasm.  More importantly, she would like to demonstrate to other Moms who have put their families needs before their own that it’s never too late to start pursuing your passion.  In April’s case…it’s hunting!


One step into Lonnie’s home illustrates his passion for the sport.  His walls are decorated with a collection of trophies: a half-albino squirrel, Snow Geese, Canadian Geese, a Mallard pair, a Sika deer, and his newest edition, a coyote from Kansas.  Lonnie was born and raised in White Hall, Maryland.  At a young age, Lonnie discovered his passion for the outdoors and  hunting with his father.  It all started with a squirrel, grew with deer hunting, and became an all out obsession with waterfowl.  During the season, Lonnie can be found in the field with his canine companion, Gunner.  In the off-season, he trains and keeps his chocolate Labrador retriever in top shape, specifically tuned for waterfowl retrieving.  Annually, the pair travels with a group of close friends to Kansas and North Dakota for a waterfowl hunting experience like none other.
Along with his love for hunting, Lonnie has developed a strong interest in videography and enjoys documenting every hunting trip on film to share his experiences.  Through the crosshairs of a scope or a lens, Lonnie has a natural eye for the perfect shot.


Dave started hunting in 1985 as a fifteen year old, sort of a late start compared to some. But due to not having that mentor to teach him the ins and outs, he literally started reading every magazine or book he could get his hands on to fulfill this burning desire flowing through him to hunt. As seasons passed he practiced what he read and applied it in the real woods. He quickly learned that he was embarking on one of the biggest and most thrilling challenges the outdoors could offer. With every visit to the woods bringing him just a fraction closer… the addiction was on!  When Dave was 17, he moved to Pennsylvania after a 5 year stay in North Carolina and slowly graduated into a serious bow hunter. With the longer seasons, he set his goals high right off the start by only shooting a bow, and hunted for a decent buck for his first deer. Needless to say, the adrenaline rush of the chase for mature whitetails left him obsessed, 24/7, 365.  Dave worked in archery pro shops for several years and even ran his own shop for a few, then turned his basement into a full archery shop for all his friends and family to enjoy. He’s also been filming deer for years, trying to get the awesome experience. He still thrives on laying down footage to share with friends and family. There’s just something truly special about capturing footage in the wild, it’s the thought of being able to share those experiences forever.

Season Two Special Guests:


Melissa was born in late 1972 in Tokyo and when she was a small child moved to a rural area of South Dakota.  She grew up hunting and fishing in every free moment with a father who was an avid outdoorsman.   She was by his side whenever possible, his little tomboy, and developed a love for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors.  By her early teens when most girls were looking at prom dresses,  Melissa was afield with her father taking many mullies and whitetails.  Regrettably, she left the west to pursue an education in South Carolina, where she obtained a Doctor of Pharmacy degree with a specialty in nuclear pharma.  While living in Charleston, she had her own boat and spent many hours fishing, but had little access to the shooting world.  It was only after relocating to Northern Virginia that she again had time for these activities and exposure to the hunting community.  This resulted in the release of pent up desires to hunt and fish.  New to archery, she has become an excellent bow hunter, an accomplished duck hunter,  and enjoys spending every moment she can steal away from work chasing whitetails from Illinois to Texas, and elk in Southern Colorado, Idaho, and New Mexico.  What she may lack in experience, she makes up for  with desire and attitude.


3 responses

  1. Mike Debolt

    Hello Scott and Dave, this Is Mike Debolt Regional Sales Manager for Easton.
    It was great to finally get to meet you guys this last week at the ATA show.
    Give me a call the next time your back in Utica and we can share some more pictures of Cowboy (celery stock to you)! LOL

    Mike Debolt

    January 14, 2012 at 8:59 am

  2. Lori Brown

    April is a great friend of mine! She is such a sweet person! I am so happy for her to have this opportunity! She deserves to live her dream. And her children are as sweet as she is!

    February 2, 2012 at 12:55 pm

  3. Katherine Huett

    April is my great niece and is greatly loved not only by my family, but by everyone here in Hawkinsville, GA that knew her. She has always been a beautiful lady, but also a very devoted Mom to her four girls. We are so proud of her and glad that she belongs to our family. We wish her the very best always.

    Katherine Huett April 24, 2012 at 9:50 pm

    April 24, 2012 at 9:24 pm

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